14516584_1195058810551440_4792100642472757029_nWe are excited to announce that we will be sharing exclusive, Patron-Only short stories on Patreon!  If you enjoy our publications, you will have access to special short fiction written by the FunDead team and our a closest pals in the writing community.  We have selected the piece ‘A Hand for the Needy’ by FunDead Editor Amber Newberry, to be the first of this series of “Secret Stories”, which will be posted on Patreon this week.

We’ve talked a lot about how important your support is to the continuation of the FunDead Publications project, and we’d like to thank our patrons by providing them with a little something extra.  You can check out our Patreon page at the link below, and find out what your support will help FunDead do in the coming months and years.  One dollar will get you access to these forthcoming Secret Stories. Sign up now to get access to this exclusive piece as soon as it is posted to our Patron-Only feed!


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