Check out this glowing review of Shadows in Salem by Author Erin Crocker!

Erin Crocker

sisblogheaderimgI’ve never written a formal blog review of a novel *wipes sweat off forehead and grabs a tub of gas station nachos*. Soooo, thank you for sitting back, relaxing, and having a few laughs as I fumble my way through this article. *Clears through*.

I’m always game for a collection; poetry, flash fiction, short stories, baseball cards, balls of yarn, wine, chocolate– especially the chocolate–  you name it… I’m down. So it shouldn’t be shocking that when I first heard of Shadows in Salem, an anthology published in the fall 2016 by Salem, Massachusetts  based independent press FunDead Publications, I was immediately fascinated. FunDead is ran by Amber Newberry, author of Walls of Ash.

Salem, a coastal city in Essex County Massachusetts, was settled in 1626 and carries a haunting history with the beginning of the Salem Witch Trials in 1692 which led to the recorded executions of twenty people; many more…

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