It’s Monday! If you’re feeling a little stunted after the weekend, here are some ‘What If’ writing prompts to get you thinking or writing (hopefully both!).

  1. What if nightmares are a reflection of things happening to you in another dimension?

  2. What if only a select few humans are sentient beings while the rest of the people are just props or ‘extras’ thrown in to ‘fill out’ the world and make it seem more populated?

  3. What if you suddenly remembered that you killed someone?

  4. What if someone received eye implants and began experiencing deja vu in places they know they’ve never been?

  5. What if sleep paralysis only happens when your life has been ‘re-started’?

  6. What if you caught strangers unapologetically staring at you every time you looked up?

  7. What if all your bodily fluids started to come out black?

  8. What if someone had a one night stand and woke up next to a dead body, but not the person they picked up the night before?

  9. What if someone told you that you were sharing your body with a parasite that will eventually take over completely, leaving your consciousness trapped in a body it can’t control?

  10. What if you woke up each morning with a freshly severed finger in your mouth?

Hope these prompts help get those wheels turning so you get to writing! Good luck!

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