Dear Friends & Writers,

First off, thank you so very much for your patience and understanding as we’ve been working through our current submissions pile. We’ve missed our deadlines reading the submissions for our forthcoming Gothic anthology. We wanted to give a statement explaining our position since we’ve had so many questions regarding the response time on this one.
As many of you know, the editor-in-chief, Amber Newberry, has started a new business in Salem, MA. Because it was not known when a brick and mortar location would be found, there was no way to plan around the construction of the store until a lease was signed. Because an amazing opportunity arose abruptly, Amber had to jump on a retail space, which meant all her time was immediately re-focused toward her new business. Many of you writers are also holding down full-time jobs/careers/family responsibilities while writing in your off hours, so we hope you’ll understand the passion project taking a back burner from the career at a crucial time. Unfortunately, the timing couldn’t have been worse for FunDead, because it meant the slush pile had to be put on hold and read at the occasional odd hour, which turned out to be extremely difficult to find. While we did manage to get a few hours of read time in, it wasn’t nearly enough time for us to get through the enormous slush pile, our biggest ever. We’ve also mentioned before that the stories are much longer than we’ve ever received, meaning our read times are also sometimes doubled and tripled.
Once again, we are so humbled by the response to the submissions call. We have sent out a few responses, but there’s still plenty of reading for us to do, so don’t be alarmed if you have not heard back because we still have a ways to go. Luckily, Amber’s store is now open and starting to settle into a schedule, which means the reading schedule is opening back up and we should be getting back on track very soon. We are now hoping to finish reading by mid-July.
If you do not wish to wait for a response, it is your choice if you’d prefer to pull your submission, that is your right and we understand. However, there is also the option of sending us a message to say that your story is being simultaneously submitted to other presses, which will keep your story in the running for this anthology. Of course, we hope to be finishing up soon!
Thank you all again for your patience and understanding. It can be tough to manage one business, let alone two, while juggling other obligations, family life, and life’s general roller coaster ride. Until we get to a point where FunDead Publications affords us all the ability to pay rent and feed ourselves, we’ll still be juggling our jobs around our passion. Publishing is a tough industry and we are in it for the love of writing and reading. We certainly aren’t in it for the money because, let’s face it… it’s an uphill battle! Sadly, that means it has to take a side seat sometimes, but we are pleased to be getting it back in order and reading your amazing stories! We are anxious to begin the publishing process on this anthology, and it already appears to be shaping up into an exceptional book.
We’ll try to continue updating you throughout the rest of the process. Thank you again for being kind and patient during this trying time! We’re so lucky to be working with such a supportive community

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