CLOSED- Gothic Short Story Submissions

FunDead Publications is now seeking traditional literary gothic stories with a non-traditional spin. We are looking to re-awaken a sleeping genre by putting a new…

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How To Write and Format a Cover Letter

Many writers find that cover letters give them more trouble than writing a book blurb. If you are submitting for the first time, you may not be sure of what to include in your letter, or how to format it. We've created an example to help you with submissions to FunDead Publications, or to other publishers.

How To Format A Manuscript For Traditional or Indie Submissions

When you're new to submitting your work to publishers, it can be daunting trying to learn the in's and out's of formatting. Many publishers vary in their formatting preferences, making it even more confusing for the writer. We've decided to share our preferences, as well as some of the "industry standards" to help you along in the process.